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Tips to guarantee weight loss with HCG

Do you need help to be successful with the HCG diet tips? Then you must go through the article written by a Nutritionist named Gracy on HCG diet protocols and recipes. Here a few tips and tricks to get you started to get the results you are looking for. Following these tips will help achieve your goal weight when you add HCG drops to your HCG diet.

  • Prep your HCG meals for the week. By preparing your meals for the week it is fast and convenient to defrost and warm your food quickly. There is no guess work what you will eat and extra time being wasted to prepare a meal on the spot.
  • Make sure you get enough of the flavored stevia to satisfy any sweet cravings.
  • Try to avoid regular chapstick
  • Stay busy. If you choose not to move around or sit on the couch all day you will end up binge eating. When we are bored we tend to eat even though we are not hungry.
  • Try to stay positive. Try to come up with a saying or a catch phrase that you can repeat to yourself to stay motivated. You can say “Believe it and you can achieve it”. Anything that will keep you going towards your weight loss goal by going through these reviews which i found little popular and trusted on HCG drops.
  • Set a goal. Set a reasonable goal for the amount of pounds you would like to lose. If you can keep a journal or track your weight you will be able to see the progress you are making.
  • Take before and after pictures. Take a before picture of yourself the day before you start your HCG drops. You can take pictures every week or other week to track your body transformation.
  • Always follow instructions on bottles to optimize weight loss and to avoid any issues. Following the HCG drops and diet plan will get the results you want and sexy body you deserve.
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